March Classes on

Hi again… I am back to blogging after a bit of a break. I spent several days doing some intense research for two book projects. It was a busy time and I just felt a bit burned out afterwards so decided not to blog for a few days.

For my first post, I want to let you know about some great upcoming classes scheduled on for March. Each class costs just $29.95 for four weeks (eight lessons and class chats). Why not sign up for one today and discover for yourself one of the best kept secrets in the genealogical world?

MARCH 2007
Classes start Thursday March 1, 2007
Adoption Investigative Class:Detailed search advice and assistance for successfully locating andreuniting adoptees and birth families.
Eastern European Genealogy Research: Part 2 (Intermediate):This class will continue on from the basic Eastern European research class, focusing on how to expand your research beyond your own family into a more community-oriented protocol.
Family Tree Maker 16 – Advanced: Advanced features, like books, trees, reports and web sites.
Jewish Genealogy – Researching on the Internet (Part 2): A step-by-step overview of what you need to know to track your family.
Lost Friends and Family Investigative Class:Detailed search advice and assistance on the methods to use forsuccessfully tracing “lost” relatives and friends.
Native American Genealogy:Learn how to start your research for your Native American Ancestors.
Salt Lake City: the Largest Genealogical Library in the World!-Part 1:Using the Internet, access the largest genealogical library in the world – without ever leaving your home! Perform searches, knowledgeably; and understand what you’ve found.