Getting Excited About Writing Again

It has been a long time since I have been excited about my writing. In addition to working on a number of articles for my usual favorite genealogy magazines, I’ve got two great book projects in “active mode” and one on the “back burner,” and I am really looking forward to finishing all three of them!

For two out of the three books I am working with co-authors I truly respect both personally and professionally. So, “props” to Alby and Dan. I am honored to be working with you on these respective projects which could not be more different in scope (the first an historical photo book focusing on sports in Western Pennsylvania, and the second a nonfiction narrative I wrote about previously in this Blog). The third book is a memoir that celebrates my father’s days as a star high school and semi-professional basketball player.

It feels good to be excited about my writing again. It’s been quite awhile.

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  1. Ditto! BTW, I got my latest issue of Internet Genealogy yesterday, and enjoyed reading your other article on Steve Morse’s site (I read the “Fire Up” article on the blog).


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