23 Websites to Fire Up Your Family History
I’ve got a new article in the current issue (March 2007) of Internet Genealogy Magazine: “23 Websites to Fire Up Your Family History.”

I really enjoyed writing this article after exploring some “old favorites” as well as some “new kids on the genealogy block.” So, if you’re missing that spark in your own genealogy, the sites I write about may just help to make your research sizzle!


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  1. Lisa,

    Great article. May I ask how you determine what sites to choose? Is it “added content” or “newness” or just a whim?

    Thanks — Randy

  2. As always, a great article, Lisa! I love that you have links to many of your published articles available on your blog. By the way, do you have a feed so that I can be alerted to your newest posts?

  3. Nice article, Lisa. Thanks for including my Online Death Records Website. I especially like the way they put a photograph of George Clooney in the paragraph about my website. I’m already getting emails and text messages from Hollywood actresses wanting to date me 🙂

  4. Jasia: Thanks for your comments; Glad you liked the article.

    Randy: The sites were determined in various ways. There were a few Halvor Moorshead wanted to see included, a few that are my “tried and true favorites (like Joe’s site), and some that were new or a bit “off the beaten path” and interesting. These sites are but a selection, of course. Maybe we’ll do another article down the line with more sites…

    Miriam: I don’t have a feed yet. Although I have been doing this blog for awhile, I confess I am still learning my way around the blogger site and haven’t figured out the feed stuff yet. But I will work on it. Thanks!

    Joe: You have Halvor to thank for the picture of George Clooney near your web site. Good luck with those actresses–just watch the divas!

    Thanks to all for your comments!

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