Searching for Elusive Eastern European Ancestors?

If you’ve got Eastern European Roots and don’t know where or how to begin your search, why not consider signing up for my new class “Eastern European Genealogy Research: Part 1 (Basic)” on

The class begins February 1st and will last four weeks, with eight lessons and four class chats. The class costs $29.95.

Here’s the course description:

“A vast number of immigrants from came to America from various areas in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This class will show you how to begin researching your Central and Eastern European roots using both traditional and online sources. Learn how to identify your ancestral village (whether in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, the Ukraine, or other areas), locate and interpret vital records, contact possible relatives, trace your ancestors through census and immigration records, organize your research, and much more!”

Click here to view an outline of the eight lessons.

Register now for this course or any of the other great February courses via this link. Hope to meet you in class!