Start Your Own Traditions

Perhaps you spent the past several days celebrating the holidays with your family and participating in some long-standing traditions. However, not everyone today is that fortunate. Sometimes life’s circumstances force us to adjust, change, or start new traditions. This was the case for me this Christmas. My husband and I did not return to Pittsburgh for Christmas with my extended family. Work and other circumstances influenced our decision to stay home. And while I missed the old familiar celebrations, it was kind of nice to start our own traditions. Like going to the 11 p.m. Christmas Eve mass and then coming home and opening one gift each while having a cup of tea. Or, sleeping in on Christmas morning and not having to be someplace at a certain time. Enjoying a Christmas breakfast and watching movies all day while sipping wine and eating Christmas cookies and chocolate candy!

If, like me, you found yourself away from the familiar this year, you may be interested to read an article called “Start Your Own Tradition” that I found on MSN the other day.