Need Pirohi (Pierogies) for Christmas Eve?

If you’re Slovak (or Polish, Rusyn, Ukrainian, etc.), and want to have some delicious pirohi (pierogies) for Christmas Eve (Vilija) supper this year and don’t have time to make them, I would like to recommend I found them on the Internet (their store is actually Zum Zum Foods) and their physical location is in Pittsburgh.

When I first looked at their site I was impressed that they sold Sweet Cottage Cheese pierogies (my favorite!) – not many other places make these. So, I had to order some!I am not going to have time to make pirohi myself this year, so I ordered a dozen each of potato & cheese, sweet cottage cheese, and lekvar.

The prices were reasonable for the pierogies, but the shipping cost was a bit high because they are packed in ice packs. You can freeze the pierogies once they arrive.These pierogies are very good – the closest to my Baba’s (Grandmother’s) that I have tasted and they even look like the ones she used to make. I would buy from them again. They sell other foods too, like stuffed cabbage, mushroom soup and more.

You can order by phone or internet and they accept Visa/Mastercard and PayPal (for those of you who use it perhaps for eBay or other purchasing).But hurry: To get them in time for Christmas Eve, you must place your order by December 15th!

Here’s the address:

Route 56 East Allegheny Township, PA 15068
Phone/Fax: 724-337-7030
Store Hours: Mon-Fri: 11 am – 7 pm; Sat: 11 am – 4 pm; Closed Sunday

I am not sure what grandma and mom would think (probably rolling their eyes up there in Heaven) but as much as I would like to I simply don’t have time to cook this year. But thanks to modern technology, I was able to find this store and now at least can have some traditional Slovak food for Christmas Eve!

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  1. Great post!
    I haven’t had perogies in years, but now you have me craving them.

    I have some Ukranian blood back there somewhere, but it must be a good 15 years since I’ve had some real home-made authentic ones.

    Here’s hoping they ship to Canada!

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