Check Out

If you are performing research in Canada, here’s a new web site definitely worth a visit – – “Your guide to the best sources for genealogy research in Canada.”

Here’s the basic premise of the site according to its creator, Dave Obee:

“The theory behind CanGenealogy is that you shouldn’t have to waste a lot of time sifting through thousands of links to find what you are looking for. We provide a digest.

Some sites, after all, are more valuable than others. On CanGenealogy, you won’t have to dig deep to find the ones that matter the most — they will be at the top of the page.”

The site is organized so you can view links for Genealogy by Region, Genealogy by Category, Resources, etc.

You won’t find every site of interest to family history research in Canada listed. The links are limited to the ones the site administrators feel will have the greatest value to researchers. and the sites are ranked, with the most important ones at the top.

The site will undoubtedly continue to expand. Take a look – you won’t be disappointed!