Getting Some Fresh Air

Yes, I haven’t posted any entries for about a week. I took a few days for some R&R but then I admit I also got a bit lazy. I just couldn’t find anything I wanted to blog about so I did not bother to log on.

Today, I enjoyed a long walk around my neighborhood, and it was one of those times when I felt really blessed to live where I do. Fall in the Fingerlakes can be absolutely breathtaking with all of the beautiful trees with their orange, red, and yellow leaves. The houses in our neigborhood are completely surrounded with these trees and I passed many during my walk this afternoon. The air was crisp, and cool. It’s hard to believe that about 3 hrs. away at the other end of the state, the folks in Buffalo were digging out from an early blast of winter and over a foot of snow!

I like to take these long walks to clear my head, especially when I am having trouble writing or meet an impasse in my familyhistory research.

When I returned today, I sat down at my computer and worked on two articles that I have been struggling to finish for a couple of weeks. I also thought of some fresh ideas for future projects.

So, it’s good to take a break once in awhile whether it’s from genealogy or writing. Take a walk, see a movie, go shopping, or whatever else you enjoy. You’ll return with a new perspective and it will make you a better researcher and/or writer.