Getting It Done

After three weeks of non-stop activity that has included travel, speaking engagements, book signings, and other meetings, I am finally getting back home and back to business–the business of writing.

I have mutliple deadlines that must be met. Page proofs to review for my forthcoming book, Slovak Pittsburgh (Arcadia), several magazine articles, and lessons for a new genealogy class I hope to teach next year. Procrastination (even if I were a procrastinator, which I generally am not) is not the problem. Rather, it’s having enough time to devote to each task.

Sometimes I wish that I did not overcommit myself, or that I would be content just sitting on the couch watching reality TV, or “Deal or No Deal,” but that’s not me. The more work I take on the more work I seem to get. As a writer this is gratifying because it means editors like what I produce and readers finding my articles or books interesting. If you are writer, perhaps you will understand where I am coming from with these reflections.

Basically, what it comes down to is “getting it done.” And, somehow I always manage to do so.