In Praise of the Polish

I am 3/4 Slovak and 1/4 Carpatho-Rusyn, but in this posting I must sing the praises of some of my Polish colleagues (really friends, now). I was the main speaker for the conference this weekend (9/22-9/23) hosted by the Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. All I can say is: What great people and what a fantastic conference!

I spoke on “Writing Your Family History” and “Genealogy and Technology: Connect Your Family Online” — two topics I really enjoy presenting to different groups. Two ladies came in from another part of Connecticut for the conference because they knew I was the speaker (they had enjoyed a presentation I gave in Newtown, CT in April 2006). Many folks enjoyed what I had to say and it was a pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic fellow genealogists!

The Slovaks have been traditionally known for the hospitality and generosity, but I must give kudos to the organizers of the PGSCTNE (especially Jonathan, Matthew, and Diane who all had a hand in inviting me to be the speaker. After the conference, several of us went out for dinner and had such an enjoyable evening! Thanks also to Jon and Matt for the trip to Dairy Queen, the drinks at Chili’s (what other speaker would agree to cross an eight lane highway on a Sat. night to walk over to Chili’s from the hotel where her car was parked!) Thanks for the laughs, guys!

I wish I could say something profound in Polish, but I am hopeless when it comes to other languages. So, I will just say “THANKS for a great weekend!”