Family History Find

Today, while going through a box of old family photographs my cousin recently gave to me, I discovered a wonderful old picture that I had never seen before. It is of my paternal grandparents, John and Elizabeth Alzo posing with one of their children.

Unfortunately, there is no identifcation on the back of the picture, so I just have to guess which of their five children (one died not long after birth) is in the snapshot. My theory is that it could possibly be my father, but I need to do a bit more investigating before I can be certain. It’s more likely, however, that it is the oldest child, Anna. If it is my father, it will be the earliest photograph I have of him. Since Dad died 8 months ago, the photograph would mean even more to me.

I am constantly amazed at how many unidentified photographs have been kept by various members of my family. I seem to be inheriting all of them. From a genealogist’s standpoint this is a real treasure–but, the question is, where do I put it all? I am sure most family history sleuths have a similar dilemma at one time or another.

Time to put on my photo detective hat and do some investigating!