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For those of you who enjoy the online phenomenon called “Podcasting,” here is a great Web site I came across about using digital tools to record oral history. It is called Family Oral History.

This site explores how to use digital tools and media to record and preserve spoken memories of family members. The site doesn’t have a lot of content yet, but the concept is really great and includes “How-to” articles, a podcast section, a news section, an open discussion thread and even a sample video you can watch of a user who recorded an oral history with her mother on Mother’s Day. The AV application QuickTime 7 is required to view the clip).

I am a HUGE advocate of conducting oral history interviews (I conducted 30+ such interviews way back in 1991 before Oral History was cool!). I believe that interviewing immediate family members and relatives as a crucial component of genealogy, and I will certainly be keeping my eye on this site and may even consider contributing to it when I get some spare time. You can subscribe to the Podcasts via a number of web-based podcatchers such as MyYahoo, or Google, among others).

Happy interviewing and happy listening!

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  1. Hey there! I’m Susan Kitchens, host of Family Oral History Using Digital Tools. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for blogging about my site. I appreciate it!

    ahem. I need to produce more podcasts. I know it. Got a few, recorded, but not edited and produced. I said I’d do another over the weekend. Seeing your site has lit a fire underneath me.

    Cheers and happy family story sleuthing,


    p.s. the video of the interview w/ my mom is my own, too. She’s the same woman pictured in the masthead of the site, being “interviewed” by my nephew. 🙂

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