Just in Time for the Holiday Weekend

Many folks will be hitting the road tomorrow for the Labor Day Holiday weekend. Since I have a deadline to meet for my new book next week, unfortunately, I will be at home working. Today, on MSNBC I came across an excellent article “Flying Blind” by Christopher Dickey for Newsweek International Edition in which he writes about how airline security needs to be based on common sense, not policies that will turn citizens into inmates of their own countries. Click the MSNBC link to view the article.

Sure, it is not directly related to genealogy, but a piece to ponder for those of you who need to use the airlines to travel to visit family or friends, see your ancestral homeland, to attend genealogical conferences or research in another state.

I am also linking to this article because I think it is very well-written. You can also link to other articles by the author.

Have a safe holiday weekend!