Are You a Desperate Genealogist?

As genealogists, we all hit brick walls at some point during the course of our research. If you’ve found yourself at the point of desperation, don’t despair. The folks behind the online photo archive Web site DeadFred have developed a “Desperate” measure for the frustrated family history researcher:

The Desperate Genealogist’s Idea Book: Creative Ways to Outsmart Your Elusive Ancestors. The e-book is currently available for purchase for download from for $14.95. The book features articles by some of the leading genealogists in the field:

  • Lisa Alzo
  • Joe Bott
  • Emily Croom
  • DearMYRTLE
  • Colleen Fitzpatrick
  • Charlie Gardes
  • John Konvalinka
  • Megan Smolenyak
  • Maureen Taylor
  • Andrew Yeiser

I am very honored to be among those who were asked to contribute to this book (and to be in such awesome company). Here are the details of this project as listed on the DeadFred Web site

A tag-team effort by and some of genealogy’s top ancestral sleuths and accomplished writers, this 150-page e-book is packed with articles and case studies that reveal invaluable tips, shortcuts, resources and even step-by-step instructions on how to use overlooked research tools, conduct specialized searches and tackle brick walls with sheer ingenuity.

When you’re feeling like a “desperate genealogist,” you’ll be able to consult our e-book time and again for tried-and-true pearls of wisdom from our contributors.

  • Find out how a woman concluded a two-year search for an elusive female ancestor on page 22.
  • Discover how to find clues about your ancestors by broadcasting on the Internet on pages 39 and 126.
  • Learn the winning 10-point formula for successful genealogy research on pages 44-46.
  • Receive insights on tracing slave ancestors on pages 63-68.
  • Figure out how to demystify mystery photographs by examining aspect ratio and deciphering what type of camera was used to take the photograph with a Camera Comparison Table available on page 78.
  • Read step-by-step how to find U.S. passport applications in the LDS Library Catalog on pages 94-95.
  • Enrich your research findings by getting to know your ancestors’ neighbors using the advice found on pages 107-118.
  • Get the mileage you need out of Family History Centers to achieve your research objectives by reading the information on pages 69-72 and 97-105.
  • Study the vocabulary that is essential for preserving your family history documents on pages 137-143.

And…that’s just a sneak peek!

Simply go to buy your copy today for $14.95 USD per download, and reap the benefits from learning from the best of the best! You’ll receive the creativity and the advice that can only come from over 90 years of combined genealogy research experience in one MUST-HAVE e-book.