The “Littlest Sweeties Have Arrived!”

Those of you who have been reading my BLOG may remember a couple of postings about the cardinal who had taken up residence in a nest in the tree outside my dining room window. I nicknamed her “Little Sweetie” (see post 1 and post 2) as a tribute to my late mother, Ann, who adored cardinals. Well, last week Sweetie’s eggs hatched and we saw (at least) two baby cardinals poking their heads out of the nest. One afternoon the entire family assembled–father “Red Bird,”Sweetie” and the babies! I took some video but am not sure if I was able to focus in close enough to get a clear enough picture (I hope to share the video here in a future post)–I did not want to frighten them!

You may wonder what this has to do with writing and/or genealogy, well not much…but it is a story about a family (albeit a family of cardinals) so I guess it does count in a way. I don’t know why but these birds have managed to secure a soft spot in this “city girl’s” heart!