Update on “Little Sweetie”

In a previous post I wrote about a female cardinal I nicknamed “Sweetie” who has made a nest in the bush outside of our dining room window. She is now firmly planted in that nest, and leaves it only once or twice a day most likely to get food. Occasionally she chirps or sings and I am trying to capture the sounds on a voice recorder. But, she always seems to stop just as I am about to hit “Record!” I will keep trying. I am also trying to get some video, but the nest is quite well hidden. The bush is a bit too high so we can’t take a peek in the nest, but I am curious to see if there are any eggs that will soon hatch some baby cardinals. What a delight that will be!

My husband and I are totally entranced by this bird who has made her home with us, for now… Nature has a funny way of making us pause from our stressed out, high-tech world and appreciate the beauty around us.