Post-Holiday Blues

Holidays are great,but sometimes they can be a writer’s worst enemy. I find it difficult to get back into the swing today after enjoying Fourth of July festivities. I spent today trying to motivate myself to work on two separate writing projects–one is a an article for a genealogy magazine, and the second is a submission of text for the back cover of a new book I am working on, along with captions for ten photographs that will be reviewed and out of those ten one will be selected for use on the front cover. I worked a bit on both, but could only concentrate for small blocks of time. The weather outside was not conducive to staying inside to write. It was a sunny day, not too warm or humid. So I took a walk. It was good for my physical well-being, but not so much for my productivity.

There were other distractions too. For example, planning for an out-of-town trip this weekend, doing paperwork for an upcoming conference I will be speaking at, and a host of other daily tasks that needed my attention.

As writers, sometimes we have to accept there will be days when we won’t be able to produce much copy. But at least I did accomplish one task: I finished this post!